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El Jannah offers all the training and support you need to find a job in hospitality that sets you up for the future

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There are two things we do exceptionally well – good food and good service. El Jannah is the home of original, soulful Lebanese charcoal chicken and our famous garlic sauce. As the name “El Jannah” continues to soar as the bird of choice, we are able to offer exciting job opportunities in hospitality to many people at a variety ages, levels and skillset. We’re all about iconic pairings, and we think we’d work well together. Need more sauce? Click below to find out more about current EJ jobs in hospitality.



Work within a business that’s got your back! Feel supported and empowered every shift, every day. When you choose to work at El Jannah, you choose to become a part of a team that feels more like family.
Flexible work arrangements for all of our employees. Whether you’re casual, part-time or full-time, get back the time you need because life happens and you deserve to enjoy it.
We’re always looking to progress the next superstar candidates in hospitality. Be offered exciting career path opportunities within one of Australia’s fastest-growing QSR brands.
Get hands-on support from your team with decades of knowledge and experience. We provide on-going training so that, just as El Jannah grows, your confidence and skills grow too.
Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at EJ. We believe all of our staff should be rewarded with delicious and generous incentives. We know, we’re hungry now too.


“When I first started at El Jannah, I was a crew member, but after hard work and determination, I can proudly say I am now the Manager of one of our largest stores. There are so many progression opportunities at El Jannah. My manager at the time saw my potential and helped me reach my goals. I’m grateful to be a part of a company that wants the best for me.”
Manager, Campbelltown Store
“To be honest, I’ve always been introverted. Working at El Jannah has helped me with my confidence and social skills. It surprised me how confident I became outside of work, purely from working with customers every day. I also love making the rolls! The process of putting all the fresh ingredients together is so satisfying. It’s hard not to get hungry when you’re making the best food every-day.”
Crew Member, Gregory Hills Store
“I’m a full time student, so it’s great that El Jannah can accommodate me and work around my University schedule. My Manager knows my uni classes are during the day, so being able to get evening shifts has been such a help and makes things less stressful. I love the people I serve and the food we make! You can eat El Jannah everyday, and never get sick of it!”
Crew Member, Bankstown Store


How do I apply for a job at El Jannah?

Want in? The feeling’s mutual. Simply click here to apply for any of our current jobs and one of our friendly EJ fam will be in contact with you ASAP.

What shifts are available at El Jannah?

El Jannah offers both morning shifts and evening shifts to fit around the lifestyle of our employees. So whether you’re a 9am-5pm morning bird or a 5pm-late night owl, you can see why we’re the bird of choice. Click here to view our current jobs.

Do I need any previous experience?

Although preferable, previous experience is not essential. The EJ way is all about finding the right people for the right role. When you join our team, you become part of the family.

What do I need to bring to my interview?

Other than a keen and willing attitude? Just a few documents to ensure we can find the right fit for you within our EJ fam. Any of the following documents in their OG form is great:

  • Up-to-date Resume
  • Australian or New Zealand Passport
  • Australian or New Zealand Citizenship Certificate and Photo ID
  • Certificate of Evidence of Australian Citizenship and Photo ID
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Foreign Passport with Permanent Residency Visa and Photo ID
  • Foreign Passport with Visa Work Conditions and Photo ID

How long is the interview?

How long is a piece of our legendary charcoal chicken? Just like our interviews, it varies. Some interviews will be one-on-one, typically up to 15 minutes long, whilst others can be conducted within a group setting, anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. Either way, there’s no need to stress. You’ve got this!

What type of training and support is provided to El Jannah staff?

We’re not called the El Jannah family for just any reason. Feel supported, be supported and gain the confidence you need to tackle all your responsibilities successfully. Through mentorship and group training, we assist in filling the gaps in knowledge, whilst giving you a platform for personal development.

What are the career progression opportunities at El Jannah?

You know at El Jannah we don’t hold back. Our portions, culture and opportunities are provided abundantly. As one of the fastest growing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) companies in Australia, our rapidly expanding business is able to offer more opportunities to the right candidates.

What do I do if the job I want to apply for is currently unavailable?

We’re always looking for the right people to join our team. If the job you’re hungry for is currently unavailable, you can still submit your interest and one of our EJ fam will be in touch with you as soon as we’ve found the perfect position for you. Don’t miss this legendary opportunity. Contact us today!

What franchise opportunities are currently available?

Our legendary Australian-Lebanese menu has attracted a cult-following nationwide. With even more locations available for Franchise Partners to tantalise the tastebuds of hungry customers, submit your interest and reach out to our team, here.


At El Jannah we keep things real. If you would like to talk to a real person (no bots here) we’d love to hear from you!
Hit the button below and don’t miss this hot opportunity to be part of a legendary story and a legendary team.